emergencyJDi recently completed a landmark study across statewide health and Behavioral Health delivery systems regarding high psychiatric patient utilization in hospital emergency departments (EDs).

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Reasons Adults Don’t Seek Mental Health Services

According to a recent Kaiser study, affordability is the top reason adults don’t seek treatment.  Concern over confidentiality, stigma, and fear of a negative opinion by others are still three of the top 10 barriers.

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What To Do to be Successful in 2013

Success in 2013 will require some specific awareness, understanding, and action. Here are JDi’s suggestions to help keep you in the success lane as you move through 2013.

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Is Growth Possible in a Changing Reimbursement Environment?

How do you grow revenue in a changing reimbursement environment? This was the question a client of ours - a multi-site treatment organization – posed to us recently.   Their revenue was flat, and they couldn’t figure out why. When JDi came in to consult, we were impressed with their treatment programs.  But we also noticed that they were [...]

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Your Market Share: Flying Fish or Flounder?

Even long-running, well-established organizations  are built upon sand.   When our systems and programs don’t keep up with the times, our market share tends to sink to the bottom like a flounder.  JDi specializes in turning them into flying fish who rise above their competition. At JDi, through our strategic planning process we provide in-depth internal [...]

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