Our Niche is Behavioral Healthcare

Every Private Equity Firm and Behavioral Health Provider Wants a Unicorn

We All Know Unicorns are Impossible to Find

That is, unless you know someone who has a hand-picked herd of “Leaders”…

JDi has a Stable of Unicorns

Jeri Davis International

Our Approach: Proven, Tried, Tested, and Successful

Over 32 Years Experience

Our not-for-profit and for-profit track record makes our team very unique.

Respected Leader

With deep relationships in executive leadership in the behavioral health field, we equate executive search to finding a unicorn. We have an extensive stable.

Industry Expert

We understand the behavioral health and addiction industry like no other executive search firm.

Unparalleled Service

Healthcare consulting and recruiting has been our mainstay and allowed us to continually help our partners be successful.

Repeat Business

Our candidates are now industry leaders.  We are proud that they choose JDi as their exclusive executive search firm.

Integral Industry Relationships

Our commitment is to deliver qualified and vetted candidates. We have a deep pool of candidates to choose from.

Retained vs Contingency


For 32+ years, we follow top talent through their careers. And Top Talent recommends other Top Talent to us.  It is the secret to our success and excellent reputation.

We find the exact candidate you need with the skills and leadership style to excel in your organization.

Candidates are generated from our proprietary pool of confidential and employed executives and their referred, trusted colleagues.

Our rates are consistent with national health care retained search firms. We don’t charge more but we deliver a lot of extras – thorough search and screening, full-service interview coordination, in-depth customized references to name a few. Our placements are guaranteed!

Candidates return our calls because we are known as trusted industry experts who are connected with the best jobs.


This means you must spend significant hours vetting, interviewing and reference checking before you know for sure if the candidates presented have the skills and can deliver what you need.

We save you hours of time and give you peace of mind about candidate quality.

Best at generating lightly screened resumes based upon resume credentials/degrees only.

Candidates are primarily generated through job boards, advertising and cold calling. There are rare insider recommendations (or cautions) about candidate capabilities and leadership style.

This is because they are financially incentivized to circulate as many resumes as possible to numerous companies simultaneously to maximize their “hire rate.”

If you want lightly screened, low qualified staff that have high turnover and need significant training — contingency firms may be a good choice. However, savvy clients know with severe behavioral health workforce shortages, if they want great leaders who stay they need to invest the time and money to get the right individual.

Because Behavioral Health recruitment is such a unique specialty within healthcare searches, most firms have few to no behavioral health experienced recruiters who have worked inside a behavioral health organization. 

JDi’s white glove retained recruitment process enables you to hand-select from respected industry leaders.
Our national network enables us to work at lightning speed to generate top notch talent specific to your needs.
In summary, the JDi customized and proprietary Executive Search process is unparalleled in the Behavioral Health Industry as no other firm can compete with our 32 years of Behavioral Health industry contacts, knowledge, experience, reputation, and results
Jeri Davis

 Jeri Davis


– Proven Success

The JDi Difference

JDi connects clients to the right people, right direction, and the right resources.

Areas of Expertise:
Executive Search | Jeri Davis

Not only did JDi help us write a transformational strategic plan her team opened doors to managed care and outstanding executives.

Deb Flores

President & CEO – Zepf Center

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Healthcare Executives

Executive Candidates Welcome! JDi specializes in Healthcare Recruiting for Behavioral Health, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Autism and managed care.

We seek leaders who are CEO’s, Executives, Directors and Mangers that have the ability to create effective teams, lead with vision and get results. We want to help you secure your next promotion.

Become part of the JDi Talent Community as we work with countless candidates/professionals over their entire careers, placing them in positions where they will thrive.

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CRC Health Group | Jeri Davis
Juvo Health Services | Jeri Davis
Beacon Health Options | Jeri Davis
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Our candidates are now industry leaders.  We are proud that they chose JDi as their exclusive executive search firm.

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