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Chief Strategy Officer | Jeri Davis International

Chief Strategy Officer: What Does a CSO Do?

The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is a high-ranking C-Suite executive and a member of the corporate management team.  The major role of the CSO is to develop, implement, and guide corporate strategy.  Through strategy development and thoughtful progressive implementation management, the right behavioral health Chief Strategy Officer can change the

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Critical Behavioral Health | Jeri Davis International

6 Strategies to Address the Critical Behavioral Health Workforce Shortage

There is a critical and growing workforce shortage of behavioral health professionals that will increase exponentially in the next seven years in several sub-specialties, resulting in millions not receiving treatment and costing the overall health care system hundreds of millions of dollars. The Problem is Critical, the Impact Enormous, the

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Chro | Jeri Davis International

Changes in Behavioral Health: The Role of CHRO

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a worldwide shortage of workers. If this continues, more than 18 million positions may open by 2030, based on information from the World Health Organization.  You may be wondering: who will contend with the brunt of this problem? The answer: A Chief Human Resources

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What Credentials Does A Behavioral Health CEO Need? | Jeri Daivs International

What Credentials Does a Behavioral Health CEO Need?

According to CDC data, over half of the people in the United States will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime. The United States government spent more than $225 billion on mental health care programs in 2019 to aid those with psychiatric conditions. It falls on CEOs to

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