Behavioral Healthcare Executive Search Firms

Behavioral Healthcare Executive Search Firms

At Jeri Davis International Healthcare Consultants & Recruiters (JDi), we’ve been at the forefront of connecting healthcare leaders and interim leadership with behavioral healthcare organizations that need C-suite employees for years. Hiring the right chief executive officer, president, and other high-level decision-makers is key to your success, so we work to deliver the ideal candidates.

With our behavioral healthcare executive search services, you’ll get a tailored recruitment solution that gives you access to talent and addresses the needs of your healthcare organization.

JDi offers unique expertise to find qualified leadership. Our behavioral healthcare executive search firm is focused on our proprietary search process to find your behavioral healthcare organization dynamic leaders.

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Expertise in Finding Leaders in the Behavioral Healthcare Industry

In the past few years, there has been a steady rise in American adults getting treatment for addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, and mental health concerns. The number rose from 19.2 percent in 2019 to 21.6 percent in 2021, and it’s expected to rise as the stigma around mental health diminishes in the current generation.

What is C-suite recruitment?

C-suite recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring top-level executives for a company. This type of search is distinct from regular recruiting because C-level positions require a much higher level of expertise and experience. C-suite executives are responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction, making important decisions, and leading the organization to success. As a result, the hiring process for C-level positions is much more in-depth and requires a specialized approach to identify and attract the best candidates. If you’re looking to hire top-tier talent for your organization, working with a specialized C-suite recruitment firm can help you find the right fit for your leadership team.

One of the emerging niches in medicine and mental health is behavioral healthcare. However, many corporations and facilities offering behavioral health services do not have accesses to C-suite healthcare leaders that can address nuances and demands to grow a behavioral health company. To adapt to today’s rapid changes and adjust to new needs, organizations must have healthcare leadership that can steer the company through challenges and toward success.

Our recruitment solutions focus on finding exceptional leadership that fits your organization’s goals and operational model.

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Behavioral Health Executive Search Consultants

When it comes to finding the right talent for demanding positions like CEOs, it takes experience and a specialized skill set. Thankfully, our C-suite recruiters have perfected their methodologies with years of experience in talent search.

We have a system that allows us to pair dynamic leaders with companies where they fit best. We don’t do anything by chance or guesswork. We find exceptional leadership with clear and demonstrable experience and understanding of behavioral healthcare.

Being the best behavioral health executive search firm allows our clients access to impactful behavioral healthcare executives. We always take into account how a candidate will complement your existing C-suite. We make sure that the prospect’s values align with your company’s mission and vision, allowing for more seamless integration into your leadership team.

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Executive Recruiting for Behavioral Healthcare Organizations

Thanks to our longevity in the industry, we have mastered ways to secure talented leaders for our clients in behavioral health. We also have vast network and market connections that we leverage during our search. We can reach far and wide to find the ideal candidates for your company.

Given how behavioral health has been making large strides in the past few years, it’s important to find leaders that can adapt to these ever-changing environments. At Jeri Davis International Healthcare Consultants and Recruiters we make it a point to find top leadership candidates that understand how dynamic the behavior health industry is and have the capacity to steer the company.

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JDi Specializes in C-Suite Behavior Health Recruiting

JDi does not just find executives. We find subject matter experts in behavioral health who also have the capabilities and grit that C-suite roles demand. Having these experts on your team ensures that you have leaders who offer immediate impact and understanding of the behavioral health industry.

Ready to find your next healthcare leadership team? Contact us and let’s talk about the C-Suite leader you’re looking for.